Skubick: Sides Forming Over Snyder’s “Safe Roads” Pitch

(WLNS) – The governor says the roads are unsafe and lives are at risk, but a Republican opposed to raising the sales tax to fix the roads contends the governor’s argument is misleading. 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick has more on the public safety aspect of the road funding debate.

Paul Mitchell is anti-sales tax hike. “My family drives the same roads as you do and my family is not at risk of dying today.”

Lt. Governor Brian Calley has an opposing view. “The facts say otherwise. we know that about one third of accidents are related to road conditions.”

The Safe Roads Yes campaign seeks to boost the sales tax to fix the roads and it will pound hard on avoiding accidents and saving lives.

Paul Mitchell, this former GOP candidate for Congress, is leading one of four groups opposed to the sales tax hike. And he rejects the public safety aspect of the debate calling the governor’s pitch misleading. “We don’t need to spend $700 million on a whole range of other thing to be able to spend 1.2 billion on the roads.”
Reporter: “Is the governor using a scare tactic?”
Mitchell: “It’s misleading.”

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley wonders if public safety is important enough for the electorate. “This is a pretty serious safety situation and its one that information we think needs to be on the table.” Reporter: “Is Mr. Mitchell wrong?”
“Lt. Gov. Calley: “The facts say that Michigan roadways are dangerous in their current conditions and as they deteriorate that will get more dangerous.”

Mr. Mitchell pledges to raise enough money to match dollar-for-dollar what the other side will spend on this sales tax issue on the ballot next May.

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