Time’s Ticking… Obamacare Deadline Approaching

There’s only one week left to elect health-care coverage under the affordable care act before anyone without health insurance— could face a fine.

Christa Lamendola was at the South-Side community center in Lansing — where several organizations teamed up to get people signed up.

The final deadline is almost here– and while millions of people have already taken steps to get covered— those who haven’t could pay a price.

Time’s ticking— the enrollment deadline for affordable care act healthcare is almost here—and this year– more Michiganders are signing up.

“In 2014, 272 thousand Michiganders had enrolled, this year as of January 30th, we have 305 thousand who have enrolled,” said Get Covered America’s Shawn Dhanik.

In a Jumpstart for Health event at the Lansing south side community center– Enroll America teamed up with former MSU basketball star Lauren Aitch ‘s foundation and several others to give those who haven’t signed up a last-minute chance for free help– and then some.

“Understanding what health insurance is so healthcare literacy with blue cross blue shields and then obviously getting set up with a doctor so MSU health teams is here,” said Lauren Aitch, President of Aitch Foundation.

If you haven’t signed up for health insurance by the 15th, you’ll also be facing some fines.

“It’s 325 dollars per adult or 2 % of the household income– whichever is greater,” said Dhanik.

And with no insurance– that fine– with medical bills could add up

“There could be those emergencies and having health insurance can save you a ton of money and you won’t be paying as much when you go in,” said Aitch.

The final deadline to sign up for health insurance on the exchange is Sunday, February 15th.

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