Reaction To Governor’s Decision To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages in Michigan

LANSING, MI (WLNS) –  “The emotional roller coaster ride of yay!.. crap…yay!.. crap,” Marnee Rutledge said.

Marnee Rutledge and Samantha Wolf were legally married last year, since then, Marnee describes the ups and downs of what they’ve gone through.

But, getting word of Governor Snyder’s decision today provides some light at the end of the tunnel for the both of them.

“We are in the great state of Michigan and we are legally married in the great state of Michigan,” Samantha Wolf said.

“We’re very excited and all of the things that have been on hold since we got married in March, we get to move forward with,” Marnee said. “We’re going to go down to Secretary of State and change our name…We should have the same rights, we pay the same taxes we live our lives the same as everybody else.”

While some are excited about the Governor’s decision, others like State Representative for the 98th District, Gary Glenn are disappointed.

“When you have something that’s the subject of a law, in this case, the constitutional amendment, that is illegal at noon, supposedly legal for 12 hours and then and then illegal again,” Glenn said. “I think that kind of confusion breeds disrespect for the law, but I was disappointed by the governor’s decision, this marriage protection amendment which defines marriages is only between a man and a woman was affirmed by 2.7 million Michigan voters.”

“I mean this is one small piece of the equality picture a know there’s several bills that have been introduced and hopefully we’ll move forward,” Rutledge said.

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