Eight-Mile Work Walk Leads To Two New Friends

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – By now you’ve probably heard of the Detroit-area man who raised more than $290,000 for a total stranger who was walking some 21 miles to work, every day for close to a decade.

6 News Nick Perreault caught up with two people in Lansing that just happened to have crossed paths at the right time on their own journey to work

Nancy Isabell leaves her driveway around 430 every morning to go to work.

“I go down the same route every day and I noticed someone walking every day and it wasn’t that cold then I didn’t think much about.”

That was late November. Weeks would pass and Michigan’s weather would rapidly get worse.

“One day it was like minus 20 wind-chill and I seen him walking and I’m like what the heck. I knew he obviously had somewhere he was going at that time of the morning that cold, because nobody gets out and walks like that,” said Nancy Isabell, Lansing resident.

That man was Gjamale Kaver on his way to his new job at an auto manufacturing plant on Lansing’s west side.

He moved to Lansing a year ago, without a car or job.

“I was getting rides, but those weren’t really working out for me so I didn’t want to take a chance and get fired from here,” said Gjamale Kaver, walked eight miles to and from work.

So through the elements Kaver made the trek by foot from Grand River and MLK to Canal Road and back some 16 miles, catching the bus part of the way on days he didn’t work over time.

I “wasn’t just walking to hope somebody would pick me up or anything, I didn’t really care that much, I just wanted to get to work,” said Kaver.

As luck would have it Kaver works just a mile away from where Nancy Isabell works at GM’s Delta township plant. So one day she decided to give him a lift.

“I looked safe, I looked safe didn’t I, laugh.”

“Well the first couple of days I just went my regular route, I dropped him off at the corner, but then when I actually realized how far he was walking back, I said I’m going to change my route and I’m going to go to drop you off right at work and here we are today,” said Isabell.

For the last month Isabell’s made herself and Kaver a promise. “I’m going to come that way and if I see him, I’m getting him.”

Both to and from work.

“I guess it’s good because there are people out there that are willing to help.”

“And that’s what I’ve done and I’ve made a friend, so you know I’ve won here too and I think that’s awesome.”

A friend that for now doesn’t have to worry about walking so far in the elements thanks to his friend.

Now some might ask why not take the bus. Kaver does on some days, part of the way, but when he works overtime, the bus doesn’t run with his schedule.

He is currently putting aside money to hopefully buy a car soon. 6 News has learned a Go Fund Me account has been set up for him.

If you’d like to help out, click here: Give Gjmale Kaver a Car

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