Rivalry Week: Broadcasters Families

(WLNS) – This weekend, the Spartans take on the Wolverines in basketball. To get prepared, we have a rivalry week story about trading sides.

For Scott Moore, it’s not easy being green, especially when you’ve been maize and blue. Just ask the MSU hockey announcer.

6 News Christa Lamendola asked him what it’s like to flip-flop from his family’s favorite team and never look back.

“This is my junior year yearbook.”

All smiles in his high school yearbook, it was obvious Scott Moore and his family had blue in their blood.

“I was raised maize and blue, the way I put it I was raised in the wilds of west Michigan by a family of Wolverines.”

His father had a special connection to the University of Michigan.

“When he was a student manager one day after practice the head football coach tossed him his car keys and said I need you to go down to Indiana and pick up a kid who wants to come to school here so he can take a look at the place, his name’s Tom Harmon and Tom Harmon went on to win the Heisman Trophy,” said Scott Moore.

But with a dream of becoming a sportscaster in mind, MSU’s program caught his eye.

“I decided I wanted to buck the family trend and go to Michigan State and as soon as I got the letter that said congratulations you’re a Spartan on it I completely turned my back on the other place and became green and white.”

And he’s never gone back. Moore spends his Friday nights doing play by play for the MSU hockey team.

A career he never thought about before meeting his wife Kim at MSU.

“I like to think of it as fate. I had to come to East Lansing to meet her.”

“My family is huge hockey fans and so you kind of need to learn the game so he kind of learned the game, really learned the game.”

“I figured, she’s kind of cute, I could learn hockey.”

But marrying into a Wolverine family meant stepping into enemy territory.

“It’s been hard to be a Spartan in a Wolverine family but it’s all healthy banter.”

Scott Moore’s father made sure the pair knew they were in his house, the Big House.

“I had to drink my coffee in a U of M mug, and it was just his way of making sure that I knew the house was a U of M house,” said Kim Moore.

When Scott’s father died the Spartan couple found themselves asking to keep the U of M mugs.

“It was a unique thing that he and I had together was the teasing over the cup of coffee.”

Although they won’t drink out of the U of M mug, the rivalry with Scott’s father and family is something special they’ll always treasure.

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