Skubick: Is Governor Snyder’s Road Plan In Trouble?

(WLNS) – A republican consultant thinks the governor will have a tough time selling his sales tax increase to fix the roads because not all of the money will go to the roads.

Governor Snyder tells 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick that adding money for schools, local governments and needy families is actually a plus.

“The governor devoted two minutes of his state of the state message last night to selling his sales tax fix for the roads.”

The governor was scooting around today.

“I don’t want to show off.”

Rejecting criticism that his plan is in trouble.

This GOP consultant argues, because the governor put money in the plan for schools, welfare families and local governments.

Voters may vote no.

Those are all things that are on it that may weight it down for the average voter who looks at a $1.8 billion tax increase but only $1.2 billion for roads,” said Tom Shield, GOP consultant.

The governor counters that a bunch of lawmakers voted for this plan so it must be good.

“A lot of smart people thought this was a good answer.”

Reporter: “But if they vote yes, not all of the money will go to roads?”
Governor Snyder: “Yes, but the big winner on this is the roads by far.”

The former senate democratic leader who supports the sales tax hike agrees with the governor.

“The best shot we have is to explain to the people how this helps kids and schools and how this is an investment in people,” said Gretchen Whitmer (d), former senate leader.

That’s the stuff that gets things passed.

The governor is facing another challenge, raising enough money to pass the tax hike.

This CEO of the Michigan manufacturers association says his members including the big three auto makers just spent 10 million to pass a tax relief plan.

The money side, we just can’t do right now. The vote is May 5.

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