Accountants Offer Tips To Make Filing Taxes Simple

(WLNS) – Tax season is starting to gear up and accountants say this year there are new complications for filing taxes that you should be aware of before you do them.

6 News Genna Hilgenbrink talked some people who can tell us more about some new rules.

Filing your taxes is difficult, but with the Affordable Care Act, longer wait times at the IRS and scammers calling your home, things are even more complex this year.

So here’s a few pointers to make filing your taxes less-taxing.

First, if you’re filing your own taxes or if you have an accountant, don’t delay.

“We are busy, we’re never too busy for clients, we do take care of them. We do appreciate being treated just like everyone else gets treated, call ahead for an appointment, read the information that was sent to you by your CPA, fill it out as completely as possible, send it in as early as possible,’ said Bruce Dunn, CPA, CGFM, CGMA, principal at Maner Costerisan, CPA.

Second, collect any and all financial forms that come in the mail and be sure to have your healthcare plan handy.

“We’re going to use the standard W2, 1099’s, 1098’s, all the little forms you get after January,” said Angelia McGarry, CPA, Carolan & McGarry CPA Inc.

“You need to look for your brokerage statements, your mortgage statements, any type of statements gathering around the year, your property tax bills those types of things.”

Third, be aware of anyone who contacts you saying the IRS is demanding immediate payment, it’s a scam.

“It happens almost every year for various reasons, and this year’s reason is Affordable Care.”

Finally, contact a professional accountant if you need help. This will maximize your return and make tax season easier on you.

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