Skubick: Governor Snyder To Look Ahead In State Of The State Address

(WLNS) – The governor will deliver his 5th State of the State message on where he wants to take the state in the new year.

But to get there, the governor may need some democratic votes. 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick was the only one to talk with the governor before tonight’s address.

Normally the governor and first family walk down the center aisle of the Michigan House for his State of the State.

The tradition will be broken because the governor has a broken Achilles heel. So he’ll come in from the back door and navigate a ramp to the podium for his annual speech.

“Having the cast and everything just gives you a greater appreciation for people with disabilities, it really does and this is only temporary, so it really makes you think of people that are addressing these challenges for their entire life,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

Here are some of the highlights. The economy is doing well because of a growing auto industry. There’s an $800 million projected deficit over the next two years. The governor’s warning against reducing any taxes. He’ll pitch his sales tax increase to fix the roads, but not everybody in the room will applaud when he does. The governor wants to train more skilled trade workers and wants to consolidate a variety of state services to reduce costs for tax payers and make it better for the recipients of those services.

The governor is all about working with both sides of the aisle and wants to build on past successes for the new year.

The grand bargain to get Detroit out of bankruptcy was one example, 500,000 needy families now have health care insurance, but a new batch of republicans this year are decidedly more conservative which means the governor may need democrats to move his agenda.

Reporter: “He’s going to have trouble with his more conservative, republican caucus.”
“I could imagine that being the case, yeah,” said state senator Jim Ananich (d), senate leader.
Reporter: “And that puts you guys where?”
Senator Ananich: “It puts us in a good spot, no question about it. Yeah, we’ll be ready to offer ideas when the time comes.”

The governor’s injury may slow him down physically but it won’t retard his optimism to get stuff done.

Reporter: “You don’t like to be slowed down, do you?”
“No, I don’t like to slow down, but the point is it slows down my physical travel a little bit, but not the rest of me,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

Watch Governor Snyder’s State of the State address tonight at 7 p.m. at

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