Infant Boy Found In Roseville Could Be Linked To Missing Okemos Baby

One day after officials looking into the case of an Okemos woman’s missing baby expressed their hope the child would be found alive, a disturbing discovery is changing the focus of their investigation.

A baby believed to be between one and three days old was found dead at a recycling plant in Roseville late last night.

Police tell us the baby still had an umbilical cord attached when it was found.

What makes this discovery even more disturbing is that police officials here in Mid-Michigan are investigating a possible connection between the baby and Melissa Mitin.

She’s the Okemos woman being held on murder charges related to the death of her first child who now tells police she gave birth to a second baby, but claims she doesn’t know where that newborn is.

We spoke with police officials earlier today who tell us how the shocking discovery of this infant body could have sparked some leads in this investigation

They told us the steps they are taking, moving forward.

“I hope we’re still looking for a missing child,” Meridian Township Lieutenant Greg Frenger said.

But that hope , may lead to despair.

Meridian Township Police were contacted by the Roseville Police Department saying last night at the ReCommunity recycling center in Roseville.

Workers found a dead infant boy, wrapped in a t-shirt, frozen.

Police say they believe the baby is just a couple of days old .

The baby is now at the Macomb County Medical Examiner’s Office

Right now detectives are trying to piece together if this is the missing baby that belongs to 25 year old Melissa Mitin from Okemos.

“They are going to obtain a sample of DNA from our little boy and we’ll take that up to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab for a comparison to be done with DNA from our child and this suspect,” Roseville Police Chief, James Berlin said.

And while we wait for DNA results, Meridian Township Police Lieutenant Greg Frenger says the search is still on for the missing baby boy.

“We know that there is a child missing and we’re working with CPS to try and locate that child – this discovery of that body is disturbing and a concern and there is a chance that this is the child we’re looking for,” Frenger said.

In the meantime, Meridian Township Police are still asking for your help.

“We’re still looking for information, certainly from the public about this matter, anything that knows Melissa Mitin or any of her associates and has any information about her child,” Frenger said.

Due to the condition of the infant boy’s body, the state police crime lab was unable to do a full autopsy today.

But DNA results are expected sometime Friday

Stay with 6 News for the very latest.

The Ingham County Prosecutor also wants to remind anyone pregnant and unsure of what to do, that there is a safe delivery law.

This law allows women to drop off their baby to any hospital, police station, or fire department to receive care anonymously, without facing criminal charges.

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