Fuel Efficient Cars Big Hit At Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT, MI (WLNS) – Gas prices currently sit around a $1.90, with the lowest found in Mount Morris at $1.44 for regular unleaded.

While prices remain low, 6 News Nick Perreault talked to a few manufactures who say if you want insurance policy for when gas goes up, there are a few options you might want to explore in 2015.

Yes it goes without saying, gas prices have been great. But if history is any indication, they’ll be on the way up.

“So I think smaller cars, more fuel efficient cars, electrified vehicles are going to be more popular than people expect, because people are looking for that insurance policy, when fuel prices rise again,” said James Bell, GM Head of Consumer Affairs.

GM’s head of consumer affairs James Bell tells us so far they’ve heard good things for Volt owners.

“They’re very engaged with us, they tell us all the time, they’re going to the gas station every 1,000 miles and even then they’re not even filling up.”

And adding more options in 2015 than just good gas mileage.

“We’ve taken this next version of Volt, we’ve made it a five passenger and interior much more easy to use and appealing, even the outside has a much more aggressive look to it.”

To the all-electric Chevy Bolt.

“Which is really a shot across the bow on Telsa, it’s going to be a very affordable family car again, that’s only electric and doubles the range of the Nissan Leaf, about 200 miles on an electric charge.”

Well then when you want to talk fuel economy in the Ford line, it’s all about the Fiesta.

“It has a one point six liter eco-boost engine in it, so tremendous amount of power and entertainment in this vehicle, but still energy efficient,” said Paul, Ford.

Most drives tell Paul they average 30 miles per gallon plus in the Fiesta.

“You can have your fun, it’s getting your cake and eating it.”

“With Ford we always talked power choice, from full electric, plug in hybrid, hybrid to our Eco boost lineup so you have options.”

Options that these automakers hope will turn into sales.

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