What to Expect from Newly Elected House & Senate

Out with the old and in with the new.

148 newly elected Michigan legislators will have their first day of work at the Capitol Wednesday—

And the new group of lawmakers are stacked strongly on the right.

“Many of them more conservative than what we’ve seen in the past.

In the House, Republicans now have a super majority— 63 to 4.

In the Senate, they hold 27 to 11 seats.

And some democrats say that majority has them bracing for a tough spot.

“Obviously we’re going to disagree on a lot. I think on some of the big issues we need republicans and democrats to work together,” said (D) State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr.

But Bernie Porn who runs EPIC-MRA-a local polling company — says Democrats may not be the only ones that butt heads with the new republican representatives —he says the Governor could face resistance too if voters say yes to a new Michigan road tax.

“The Republicans– some of these new ones coming in talking about well if that passes why we should cut the income tax,” said Porn.

Something porn says won’t fly under Snyder’s budget.

And while several members of the new Republican majority are strong tea party members, Porn says they won’t be making any extreme moves as rumors continue to fly about Governor Rick Snyder running for President.

“If they go too extreme on abortion issues or other social issues that would put him in a difficult position to appeal to independent voters,” said Porn.

And as lawmakers gear up to head back to the State Capitol all agree on one thing.

“Republicans and Democrats have to sit down and work together and we all get to push a button and vote. I still think we can work and get good things done for the people,” said State Senator Hertel.

New lawmakers  will start session this Wednesday.

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