Pets Need Extra Care During Cold Temperatures

INGHAM COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – These temperatures can be fatal for humans, but they’re just as dangerous for man’s best friend.

6 News intern Cat Reid found out how you can make sure your pet is safe this winter. A fur coat may be warm enough for a human in this weather, but for an animal?

“In this weather, this wind, it is not enough protection,” said Dr. William Schultz, Schultz Vet Clinic.

Pets need warm shelters with plenty of straw or blankets and water that’s not frozen. If they’re too cold, Dr. Schultz says animals will let you know.

“They’ll shiver, they’ll shake. When they come in the house, it takes them a while to get warm It’s really rare that we ever treat dogs for frostbite. Dogs are extremely resistant, but cats frequently will have their ears frozen, and the tips of their ears will freeze in wintertime,” said Dr. Schultz.

But leaving pets out in the cold is not just dangerous, it’s also illegal.

“If we can’t make contact with an animal owner, and we don’t have any way to contact them otherwise, if at that point we feel that the dog is in danger or it’s breaking the law, it doesn’t have straw in its house or it has frozen water, we’ll go ahead and impound the dog,” said Sarah Schertel, Ingham County.

However, Ingham County Animal Control says owners should not be afraid to claim their pets and to work with officers.

“We’d like people to know that we’re more than willing most times to return the animal to you. Sometimes we do have stipulations that we’ll require of that person, but we would much rather that the pet go back to its original home.”

Pets whose owners don’t retrieve them can be adopted at Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter.

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