Pets Need Your Attention This Winter

(WLNS) – As the temperatures drop, it’s important to remember pets need proper shelter during the winter season.

The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter wants to remind all pet owners not to leave them outside. Many dog owners think it’s okay to leave man’s best friend outside for a little while, but when it’s cold, dogs feel it too.

If a dog is left outdoors without proper shelter and bedding, it is possible for them to freeze to death. During the winter, it’s best to keep pets inside. When it’s time to go outside, consider a winter coat to keep your dog warm.

The state of Michigan requires dogs to have appropriate shelter so they can maintain their body heat and keep the rain and snow off of them. A water source that does not freeze is also required.

Yes, we’ve found dogs curled up in a ball inside their own dog house frozen to death and I’m sure it will happen again unless we’re vigilant about educating pet owners and enforcing state laws protecting animals from neglect, said Director of Ingham County Animal Control, Andy Seltz.

Remember, it’s up to you to keep your own pets safe and to watch out for other animals left outside. The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter is urging anyone who sees an animal left outside without proper shelter to call animal control at 517-676-8370, extension 1. If you believe an animal is in immediate danger during non-operating hours, call 911 to let police know.

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