New Year’s Resolutionists Hit The Gyms

(CBS) – Most gym patrons know fitness is a long slog– a routine of setting a program and sticking to it.
That’s why many of them are dreading the imminent arrival of “the resolutionists:” those New Year’s newbies with sometimes annoying habits.

Trainer Ty Hilton at retro fitness in New Rochelle, New York, has some advise. “One, try to stay out of the regulars way, that’s one.” Regulars like Gabe Mancusso. “They leave weights around; they don’t put stuff away. They don’t know how to share a machine, take turns. They just don’t understand gym etiquette.”

Gym nutritionist Natalie Thomas says too many resolutionists arrive underdressed. “You find people back in the locker room, you know, doing things without towels that makes other people uncomfortable. And on the floor they’re lifting weights and getting hot and sweaty so they’re just ripping off layers of clothing but really???”

Yeah, it’s a gym, not a nudist colony. It may be your fitness resolution, but here you’re in someone else’s space.
So what else?

Hilton has another suggestion. “Two, you probably shouldn’t be texting on the machine. That’s annoying.”

Assistant manager Beverly Morro has seen some would-be entertainers. “Singing. (singing?) Yeah, I have a couple of clients that tend to forget they’re in a public place and they like to sing out loud.”

Hilton has still more ideas. “Move with a purpose, don’t be lolly gagging around and watching people work out.”

Gym member Mario Corpazano sums it all up. “Just being polite. That’s all it is.”
Not rocket science. Just your new routine– you’ll want to get off on the right foot.

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