Skubick: First Lady Sue Snyder On 4 More Years

(WLNS) – Michigan’s First Lady, who stayed in the background for three years, suddenly upped her public profile in 2014. Could it be after her husband the governor leaves office, she might take a run at elective office? We asked 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick to explore that and other issues with Sue Snyder.

Sue Snyder: “I always like to express my opinion.”
And don’t kid yourself, the first lady, even though she’s been basically invisible for three years, is not bashful about sharing her views except when it comes to public policy matters. That she leaves to the governor.

It was her idea to hold the governor’s first victory party in Detroit. And this past year she decided to up her public profile with 36 appearances now that there are no children at home.
In the past when somebody increases his or her visibility, in this town you have to ask the question..

Reporter: “Now the danger of upping your profile, are you running for office?”
Sue Snyder: “Absolutely not.”
Reporter: “Have you ever thought about it?”
Sue Snyder: “Never.”
Reporter: “But what if somebody said you’d be a great candidate?”
Sue Snyder: “I’d say that’s wonderful but I’m not interested.”

While the governor was on the campaign trail, the first lady was out promoting a program to care for kids who lost a parent or preventing breast cancer.
But for the first time she did a talking commercial for the campaign but when the strategy shifted her commercial never got on the air, much to her chagrin.
Reporter: “You shot a commercial.”
Sue Snyder: “I did.”
Reporter: “I noticed it didn’t air.”
Sue Snyder: “(laughter) Yeah. I asked the producer what happened to that?”

For the first time in 28 years of marriage there are no kids at home as they are off pursuing careers and going to college.
The governor says life in the empty nest is great.
Reporter: “Do you like coming home to no kids?”
Gov. Snyder: “The good part is we still have kids around. they want to spend time with us which I love. they’re at an age now where we’re not as dumb as we look.”

But notice the contrast of his answer with her’s.
Sue Snyder: “We are empty nesters.”
Reporter: “What’s it like?”
Sue Snyder: “Well, we haven’t really experienced it too much because he’s never been home.”
Reporter: “Ouch!”
Sue Snyder: “I mean with the campaign and everything. (laughter)”
Gov. Snyder: “Thanks, Tim.”
Reporter: “You’re welcome, Governor.”

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