Gas Prices Fall Below $2 A Gallon In Lansing

(WLNS) – We were excited when gas prices dropped under $2.50, then we were amazed when we saw prices drop below $2.25, but the average price in Lansing Monday is now under $2 per gallon. shows drivers are paying an average of $1.98 a gallon for unleaded in Lansing.

Even though some areas of the country, like Oklahoma have seen prices less than $2 for a while. Michigan is seeing prices almost 30 cents less than the national average.

Over the past month gas price have dropped 95 cents a gallon. The last time prices were this low was in April 2009.

For drivers falling fuel prices have left more money in their pockets for the holiday season.

6 News Nick Perreault has been catching up with some other people who say the cost of gas is also helping their businesses.

Those filling up hope gas prices will stay this way forever. It’s provided a reason for customers to have a smile of their face.

“I feel this is more of a normal price overall for what gas should be.”

It’s hard to believe in Michigan you can fill up your tank of unleaded for a buck and some change.

“I drive 55 miles one way to work, I drive all the way over here from Hartland and definitely puts extra money back in my pocket,” said Dustin Nader, commuted from Hartland.

“As long as it’s under $2, I’m really happy about it because you can travel with it and everything.”

It’s sure to put a smile on driver’s faces, but Mark Griffin, president of the Michigan Association of Convenience Stores says they’re not the only ones.

“Instead of spending money at the pump, they spend it on in-store items which has been fabulous for us,” said Mark Griffin, president, Michigan Association of Convenience Stores.

Griffin says most of the 4,800 gas stations he oversees are seeing a rise in sales in-store.

“I can tell you my shift will run about three thousand dollars in fuel and about six to eight hundred dollars in merchandise,” said Terry Misener, Assistant Manager.

That’s true for Assistant Manager Terry Misener who says at his shell station in store purchases lately are almost double with gas around $2.

So, when is this all going to come to an end?

“If we start to see crude oil go back up driven by some influence, a pipeline break, refinery outage then you’ll start to see changes at the pump as the markets react to increase in costs.”

Griffin says there’s good news because crude oil’s dropped from close to $156 a barrel. He also doesn’t see anything alarming down the road.

“At this point in time, we don’t see that happening.”

Griffin says this isn’t set in stone, things could sky rocket at any time. But for now it looks like it’s here to stay through the winter months.

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