No Snow Leaves Plowing Businesses on Thin Ice

It’s been more than a month since roads needed to be cleared of snow.

But for local plow companies— the lack of winter weather has put business on thin ice.

Christa Lamendola talked to one local business owner today who says— even a light snow shower could turn business around.

“I’ve got 15 plows and three salters.”

There’s no business like snow business— unless there’s no snow.

“My business revolves around the weather,” said local business owner Dave Hidy.

Dave Hidy says they haven’t had to use these plows at Hidy’s towing and snow plowing since the beginning of November— and the lack of winter weather is taking its toll.

“I’ve been waiting for the snow, we’ve had a little… Only one plow this season. Ran a little bit of salt. Generally by this time of year we’ve been overwhelmed especially last year at this time,” said Hidy.

And the price of salt has gone up too. A ton of salt costs 100 dollars more than it did last year

“We buy fifty tons at a time so that’s five thousand dollars more. I can’t even jack the rate up high enough to offset the cost honestly and keep the clientele that I have happy,” said Hidy.

The shop still has business from automotive repairs and towing— but 30% of profits come from snow removal.

And with roads clear and lawns green Hidy says even a light dusting would put them back on track.

“I’d love to have like twenty, three-inch snows this season. That’ll help everybody in Michigan,” said Hidy.

And with a warehouse full of salt and trucks ready to go— Hidy says if the snow does come later this season— they’re prepared.

And they won’t have to wait very long.

Snow is in the forecast for this week.



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