Skubick: Gov. Snyder Talks About The Decision That Almost Sunk His Campaign

(WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder won the election in November but he admits his campaign made a mistake when it launched his re-election bid with a commercial that had him coming up from underwater. The governor and the First Lady sit down with 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick to reflect on the campaign of 2014.

Everybody remembers the first commercial candidate Rick Snyder every ran in which he coined the term “Rick Snyder is one tough nerd”. The ad launched him into the governor’s seat.

What a difference four years makes as his second Super Bowl ad had him emerging from underwater in what else…his scuba gear.
Reporter: “Didn’t you sense that looked silly?”
Gov. Snyder: “Again this is where, over time you, everyone makes judgment calls that you wish you would have done differently.”

The governor sat on his money during the summer, allowing challenger Mark Schauer to turn the race into a deadheat and then a critical point. Mr. Schauer accused the governor of lying about cutting education by a billion dollars. The charge “broke the first ladies heart.
Sue Snyder: “All the false and negative statements.”
Reporter: “That bugged you.”
Sue Snyder: “Oh my gosh, it broke my heart.”

She asserts that her husband is the “most honest and ethical person you want to meet” and she was delighted when he labeled the democratic attack “hogwash and a flat out lie.”
Sue Snyder: “When he said hogwash I thought wow.”
Reporter: “And then he said he lied?”
Sue Snyder: “Ah.”

Then she told him to get out there and set the record straight.

The post election research show the Governor’s decision to place Detroit bankruptcy helped him to beat Mr. Schauer in the suburbs.

And turns out that decision was the highlight of the governors year.
Gov. Snyder: “That was absolutely incredible and I want to thank the retirees for making a sacrifice but I think it far exceeded people’s expectations.”

Thew two say they plan to be around for four years, despite speculation he might run for president and while he wants to complete his reinvention of Michigan.

His wife has another agenda.
Sue Snyder: “In four years hopefully having kids that are married, get some grand babies and enjoying family being together.”

In the next part of our series, produced by Michigan Public TV, the governor talks about race relations and gun control.

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