Skubick: Governor Snyder & First Lady Talk About The White House

(WLNS) – The state’s First Lady in no uncertain terms says her husband can not run for President unless she says he can and and Sue Snyder would prefer that he does not run. We begin tonight a series of reports this week on the Governor and his wife who spoke recently with 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick in this exclusive interview.

Reporter: “Do you remember what you said last year about running for president?”
Sue Snyder: “I told you to cut.”

The state’s animated First Lady rarely does a sit-down interview such as this but each year on Michigan Public TV he and she discuss lots of issues, such as all the speculation about the Governor running for president.

The national media is onto this story and recently such heavyweights as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Time magazine all quizzed him on his intentions. The governor has done nothing to stop the speculation. What those publications have failed to do is talk with Mrs. Snyder.

Reporter: “You still do not want him to run?”
Sue Snyder: “I would rather he didn’t.”
Reporter: “Enough is enough?”
Sue Snyder: “I don’t want to say enough is enough.”
Reporter: “But that’s what you are feeling?”
Sue Snyder: “Kinda. I hope I’m not being selfish.”
Reporter: “But you are being realistic?”
Sue Snyder: “Yeah.”

The more she talks, the clearer her opposition gets. But what if he said he wanted to run?
Sue Snyder: “We’ll have to talk about this.”
Reporter: “As you said last year, he can’t unless you said yes.”
Sue Snyder: “Oh, absolutely.”
Reporter: “That has not changed.”
Sue Snyder: “No.”
Reporter: “Ditto on vice president?”
Sue Snyder: “He’s not running for vice president.”

Yet her husband steadfastly refuses to stop the speculation. when asked to say he is not running he glibly responds, that has no value. And to fuel the speculation even more the governor says he will step up his appearances in other states to sell the state of Michigan and that could include New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary.
Reporter: “What will the headline be if he shows up in new Hampshire?”
Sue Snyder: “Oh, no.”
Reporter: “You laugh at this stuff?”
Sue Snyder: “Well, you have to.”
Reporter: “Because?”
Sue Snyder: “Just because it’s just so far out there.”

The governor confides that he is not encouraging the speculation and besides he’s getting more coverage to promote the state. “People talking about Michigan is a good thing. Are we getting more or less coverage because people are speculating?”
Reporter: “More. which is what you want.”
Gov. Snyder: “In a positive context, it’s not about me, its about Michigan.”

So the speculation continues, but remember what she said, he can’t run without her permission and she’s not there. In part two, the Governor concedes a mistake he made in the campaign.

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