Flu Vaccine Won’t Protect You From Spreading Strain of Flu

Have you gotten the flu this year?

Even after getting your flu shot?

If so you are not alone.

A new strain of the flu is going around.

Doctors say you’re going to want to be very cautious about sharing a bite of sugar cookie or a sip of eggnog with your relatives this holiday.

The rare strain of the flu is sweeping the country, including states very close to home.

Christa Lamendola has more.

It’s the holiday season- but with loads of Christmas shopping and travel, doctors warn it’s also the perfect season for the flu.

“If your’e out in public the more chance you have to be exposed to the virus so those shopping days the chance of them coming down with something is increased,” says Sparrow Emergency Department Physician Dr. Greg Fuller.

And while there’s many strains of the flu, the most common strain can’t be prevented with a vaccination.

“H3N2 is the predominant one this year and they didn’t guess that was going to be the predominant virus,” said Fuller.

The first week of December the vaccine strain matched up with 46% of flu cases.

Last week, it only matched up to 33%.

“We can’t tell whether the vaccine won’t work against the drifted strains of will just work less well but it’s something that we’re keeping an eye on,” said CDC Dr. Anne Schuchat.

Cases of the flu in Michigan are relatively normal, doctors say local cases may spike after holiday travel to highly infected states like Indiana.

And although flu shots don’t prevent this strain, doctors say getting one to prevent other common strains is worth it.

“The flu still causes deaths in the united states so you have to do everything to prevent it and get your flu vaccine,” said Fuller.

Taking steps to prevent this strain of the flu is just as simple as preventing other strains.

Doctors say, wash your hands and cover your cough.


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