Skubick: Road Funding Plan At A Stale Mate

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – There appears to be a stale mate in the delicate negotiations to find more money for the roads.

As 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick reports four of the negotiators appear ready to go with one plan, but House Republican Speaker Jase Bolger is putting on the brakes.

The governor and four legislative leaders talked over the weekend and spent 90 minutes behind closed doors Monday, but still no deal.

“We’re still talking. No one has stormed out of there,” said Michigan Senator Gretchen Whitmer, senate democratic leader.

The senate democratic leader, the senate republican leader Randy Richardville and the house democratic leader Tim Greimel appear to be on the same page with the governor. They want to run the senate passed plan at $1.2 billion with a boost in the gas tax.

The one hold out is house republican speaker Jase Bolger who wants no part of the $1.2 billion figure the others appear willing to buy.

“There are members of the quadrant, one in particular, who is being more difficult than the others,” said state representative Tim Greimel, (d), house leader.

“We’re not doing a $1.2 billion tax increase. So your question me was what if its 1.2, my response is that’s not a compromise,” said Jase Bolger, house republican speaker.

The speaker wants a figure that is between zero and 1.2, but doesn’t have a number and others do not have one either.

“We haven’t agreed to anything regarding the total revenue amounts and what we can do in general,” said State Senator Randy Richardville, (r), senate leader.

So unless the speaker chances his mind, these talks could be stalemated until the other negotiators come down from the higher figure. Does that leave the speaker as the odd man out?

“Everyone else is anxious to raise taxes by $1.2 billion and the house republicans are not,” said Bolger.

Reporter: “You’re the odd man out?”
Bolger: “It would mean that I stand ready to compromise and the question is will the others compromise.”

That is the question with no answer inside it.

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