Skubick: Governor Snyder Responds To Presidential Speculation

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – As the political season winds down for the year 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick sat down for a one-on-one interview with Governor Rick Snyder.

They discuss speculation that he might run for president and he also answers a question he that says, “came out of left field.”

Reporter: “Have you ever smoked marijuana?”
Governor Snyder: “laughter”

The governor does a series of year end interview with the capitol press corps and it’s always fun to find that one question he did not anticipate.

Turns out he did anticipate a question that he got recently from the national news media.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and all wanted to know one thing.

Governor Snyder: “Did I have aspirations to run for an office besides this one?”
Reporter “Were you surprised by that?”
Governor Snyder: “Not necessarily and the reason I say that, Tim, is if you look at the future of our country in 2016, there’s speculation all across the board. I mean, I’m not sure who hasn’t been speculated about for 2016. The best candidate in my view, if you just look at categories of candidates, should be a governor, a republican governor.

The governor continues to take himself off the speculation list believing it has no value, but it does help him to tell the Michigan story.

Reporter: “Are you flattered by that?”
Governor Snyder: “It’s nice and again, it’s not all negative in the sense that it’s helping promote success in Michigan. That’s the good part in this and part of the thing I have said in at least one of those articles is we need to be telling the Michigan story more. And the reason for that is we tend to lag, people’s perception lags about five to 10 years behind the reality.”

On other issues the governor is a no on extending the sales tax to services. He wants to keep the Education Achievement Authorities. He would like to tax E-Cigarettes and he says the bridge between Detroit and Windsor will be built by 2020.

Now back to the question on marijuana, after he stopped laughing.

Reporter: “Have you ever smoked marijuana?”
Governor Snyder: “No.”
Reporter: “Why would you laugh at that question?”
Governor Snyder: “Well again, that was a little out of left field.”
Reporter: “What you advise your kids not to do marijuana?”
Governor Snyder: “Again, I would give them that advice. People have to make their own decisions and I wouldn’t encourage them to violate the law either. was would advise them not to do that and not to break the law either.

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