Governor Snyder Pushing For Road Funding Vote

(WLNS) – Pieces of bridges are crumbling onto roads. That’s just one of the concerns Governor Snyder has with Michigan roads, he is not alone.

“We make cars and yet we don’t have decent roads to drive them on,” said Mayor Virg Bernero, City of Lansing.

“Imagine a trooper or a local law enforcement officer that has all of these other conditions we must me conscious of and we’re dodging major potholes too,” said Col. Kriste Etue, Michigan State Police.

The governor met with the director of MDOT Friday who says instead of replacing bridges like this one holding up I-96 over Lansing’s Cedar Street they’ve put in temporary beams for support.

“We’re so concerned about the safety of that bridge that inspectors go out there every single month and say is it still safe?” said Kirk Steudle, MDOT.

The governor says its bridges like this that can’t wait another year.

Both the state senate and the house passed bills to help fix bridges and roads, but those bills are very different.

The senate bill would double state gasoline and diesel taxes over four years. The house bill would gather $1.2 billion without raising the sales tax, but would impact public transportation and schools.

The governor says he does not necessarily agree with the house’s road bill, but something needs to be done and soon.

“Let’s have the same message. Let’s fix the roads. Let’s get it done.”

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