Leoni Township Under Boil Water Advisory


6 News Nick Perreault talked with officials about how this happened and why you’re being asked to boil your water.

While it might not look like a big deal, public work crews in Leoni Township spent four hours repairing a pipe that broke along Hall and Rich Avenue around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

“They were putting in a water tap and they had the pipe crack on them.”

Administrator Charley Degroote doesn’t know how it happened, but says they do happen.

This time they had about a four to five inch crack in a piece of pipe, forcing them to shut off the water.

Now, they are urging those that live nearby to boil their water for at least five minutes before drinking or purchase bottled water.

“We’ll be testing the water in 24 hours and if that’s clear we’ll do another test 24 hours after that, if that test clear then we will lift the water boil.”

Crews say some may have noticed discoloration in water from rust and say drinking that could make you sick.

“It’s highly unlikely, but there is always that chance so we take the precaution of having people do the water boil, we’re putting in a new piece of pipe and have to be careful.”

While crews say the pipe has since been repaired and water is properly running through, they don’t expect the water advisory to be lifted until Saturday

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