Player Of The Week: Jake Johnson Of The DeWitt Panthers

(WLNS) – CMU Chippewa fans can’t wait for this kid to be in Mount Pleasant next fall. He’s Jake Johnson, the DeWitt gunslinger, who took a trip to the UP  last week and found his feet to go along with his already golden arm.

Kevin Gehl crowns our 6 Sports Player of the Week from the DeWitt Panthers.

Few schools would embrace an 8-hour bus-ride to a football game… but DeWitt saw the trip as a road to team unity.

Dewitt senior quarterback Jake Johnson summed it up. “I mean, we’re just teenage boys, messing around on the bus, having fun. We’re just really close with everyone and made us a little bit closer.”

Head coach Rob Zimmerman thinks the secret might have been in the food. “Got pasties right across the bridge at Suzy’s Pasty, and our guys ate at the concession stand a whole lot. They had the best concession stand I think I’ve ever seen. They had italian sausage and pasties. From a food standpoint they certainly got to enjoy the UP.”

The pasties paid off. DeWitt ran-over Kingsford, as strong-armed quarterback, Jake Johnson used his legs to break open some big plays.

“We used some plays that people haven’t seen so much.,” said Zimmerman.  “It certainly was a benefit to us and Jake ran extremely well. I think he was 13 for 145 yards or so and 3 touchdowns so he definitely had a good game on the ground as well. Any loss wouldn’t be too pleasant, but an 8-hour bus ride home wouldn’t be good at all.”

Jake is a 2-time “Player of the Week” winner, thanks to his golden arm. He’s widely considered the best quarterback here in mid-Michigan and that drew attention from former MSU signal caller and CMU head coach, Dan Enos.  Johnson is working on keeping focused on this season.  “I’m trying my best to hold it off. That’s why I kinda wanted to commit somewhere before the season so I could focus with DeWitt and just focus on the senior season.”

He’s definitely not a me kid. Sometimes that attention from the media can have a negative impact on kids, but it has had no bearing on him whatsoever. He’s not any different now than he was his sophomore year.

Jake johnson, our 6 sports, player of the week

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