Doctors Urge Parents To Get Infants Vaccinated

(WLNS) – This week is National Infant Immunization Week and Michigan ranks fourth in the country, but for many, it’s not in a good way.
Our state ranks fourth in the number of people who get exemptions from getting immunizations.

6 News Nick Perreault talked with some doctors who say those shots are crucial for children and you.

This little girl might be crying because she’s hungry, but doctors say it could be worse if she’s not up to date on her immunizations

“Pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, even cancer,” said Andrea Amalfitano, D.O. Ph.D, MSU Professor, Pediatrics.
Those are just some of the diseases that Dr. Amalfitano says immunizations could prevent. The problem is many in Michigan are not choosing to get their immunizations

“Families might hear it about one vaccine and may not differentiate between another,” said Dr. Jane turner, MD, MSU Professor, Pediatrics.

From safety concerns to the web, Dr. Turner believes a lot has to do with mis-information.
“As it rises we’re going to see more of these diseases circulating,” said Dr. Turner.

Just last year Michigan saw 1,000 cases of whooping cough. There was also a case of measles with someone from Battle Creek.

So these doctors say don’t skip those crucial shots.

“You’re putting your child at risk by not getting the proper vaccination schedule which has been tested over decades.”

“I like to say that it’s a little petri dish of all sorts of problems,” said Elisabeth Weston, Executive Director, Educational Child Care Center.

That’s something Weston has seen at the Children’s Center in Lansing the past four years.
“We’ve got about 120 kids here; about 20 of them are infants.”

These doctors say it’s not just the children that benefit from the proper vaccinations.
“Getting a child vaccinated against influenza protects grandma and grandpa and the family from getting that infection.”

That’s a reason that can leave everyone happy and healthy.

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