Fire Department Gets Swift Water Rescue Training

It’s a part of nature….that has the potential to take your life

 “Definitely people do not know the power of water until they get into it an then its too late,” said Roger Mcnutt, fire chief of the city of Eaton Rapids.

And that’s why the department decided to get their feet wet…for some extra hands on training.

 “We’ve never had anything this extensive where we actually get right in the boil and royal of the damns in the town,” said Mcnutt.

“Watching them do this, opens up our eyes,” said John Fata, citizen of Eaton Rapids.
 It also opens up the eyes of the fire department–who can use this additional training to help save lives.

The mill Street dam is where many Eaton Rapids residents canoe and kayak all throughout the summer, but it is also considered a very dangerous area.

 “We live in an island community so we’re surrounded by water so water rescue is one of the strongest aspects of a community like this,” said Scott Fraser, lead instructor at Highland River Adventures Kayak school.

 And organizers urge others in the community to learn about water safety, you never know who may need your help.

“Anybody with training can help somebody without any training at any time,”  said Fraser. “But two people without any training is an accident waiting to happen.”

Mcnutt suggests that people always wear a personal floatation device when in the water and do not get beyond the barriers at the dams.

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