Local Schools Don’t Make The Grade According To State Report

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The State of Michigan released its rankings of schools across the state, but instead of getting a grade, they're getting a color–a new feature this year.

6 News took a look at five districts in our area and learned that none of them are performing at the highest level, according to the state. 

Green is the best category, meaning most goals were met and red is the worst. Lime, yellow and orange fall in between.

Lansing and Jackson are at the bottom of the batch with red rankings. Okemos did slightly better and earned an orange ranking. Waverly and East Lansing did the best and were given yellow rankings.

Of the five area districts none fell in the green category, which raises some questions about how the rankings were done because districts like Okemos have traditionally been ranked as one of the best in the country.

“They may have had high average performance, but when you look at the subgroups, they may have groups that didn't meet their targets,” said Dr. Venessa Keesler with the Michigan Department of Education. “The accountability scorecard puts a very specific focus on achievement gaps, with the bottom 30 percent subgroup.”

The department says it's targeting the African American male achievement gap, one of the largest and most persistent disparities in the state.

Lansing School District says they aren't have problems with gaps in various categories. Yvonne Camaal Canul, the superintendent for the district, says, “We're in an overall student achievement situation, so what we're focusing on is increasing student achievement for all of the students.”



If you'd like to see how your child's district or school scored, visit Seen on 6.


Lansing had several schools in the green and yellow categories, but Eastern, Everett and Sexton all earned red marks, pushing the district into the red as a whole.

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