Jewish Community Responds To Swastika On Locker

Three East Lansing high school teens could face criminal charges for scratching swastikas into two other student's lockers.

East Lansing police say one of the victims was Jewish.

The president of the Congregation Sharrey Zedek, Elliot Spoon said he's not surprised by the incident, saying he's seen it before, but he is disappointed.

He went on to says, “Swastikas on lockers under any circumstance is inappropriate and offensive. Spoon says at a minimum, those students involved should be made aware of why their behavior was offensive to those in the community, not just those who are Jewish.

Spoon believes they should specifically be educated on the history of the Swastika and the consequences to the Jewish people.

“There are clearly holes in the system, whether it's the school system, whether it's the families, the communities, all have a part in making sure that our students are properly informed.”

We also reached out the Michigan Anti-Defamation League who also agree with

Elliot Spoon, hoping the school district uses this case as a spring board to discuss cultural diversity more throughout the classroom.

“In general our definition of a hate crime is one in which a hate symbol is utilized, I think it's really unfortunate that they decided to use a hate symbol, when they were expressing whatever kind of frustration they were expressing,” said Executive Director Heidi Budaj.

Budaj says even though her organization considers this a hate crime, she agreed with the potential charge of destruction of property, which would be a misdemeanor.

Police tell 6News their motive it unclear.

You can view the original story here;

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