Hillsdale Man Reflects on Running Boston Marathon

HILLSDALE, Mich. (WLNS) – Dr. Kevin Walton wanted to hit 40 running. “Most runners, most marathoners, always talk about this Boston thing,” he says.

He ran the Chicago Marathon four times before he qualified for Boston.

“And I just broke down into tears. And they're like are you okay sir? And it was just such a huge accomplishment. I could not believe that I hit 3:10,” said Dr. Walton.

After five years of training, Walton, his family and friends arrived in Boston. Mile ten was the highlight of the race.

“I saw my family, my kids and I actually stopped because I wanted to really share the moment with them. Kissed my wife, kissed each one of them and then went on,” he remembers. About a half hour before the blasts, he got to mile 26. “I gave high fives all the way up that left side and then I actually crossed that finish line.”

Walton says he had a runner's high, feeling complete joy when they felt the explosion.

“And then you go to such a different place because you go from one extreme to the next. Family, their loved ones that you brought there. My friends were there 40 minutes before. And all that happiness leaves and fear can just, you know what ifs what ifs what ifs…”

What if he ran slower or walked? He teaches his kids that marathons are like life. “You have highs and lows and you just take it and absorb and go.”

Dr. Walton raised money for King's Cupboard in Hillsdale in running the marathon and says that good cause made it all worth it.

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