Dos & Don’ts of Prom

Many people argue prom is the highlight to being in high school, second to graduation, of course. But ladies and gentlemen, there are a few expectations for etiquette.

DO: Ditch the Drama- It's the end of the year and you'll either be graduating or off on summer vacation soon. Leave old grudges at home and have a good time with everyone there.

DON'T: Wait to Ask Your Date- If you've been dating forever fellas, this doesn't let you off the hook! Get creative and do it earlier, as opposed to later. And if you're looking to ask your long standing crush, you'd hate to miss out from waiting!

Ladies, it's 2013. If the guy you're hoping for is taking too long, ask him yourself!

DO: Be Respectful- Guys, open the door for your ladies, pull out her chair and always, always, always be respectful. Chivalry is NOT dead.

DON'T: Forget Your Manners- From the waiter to the chaperons, be kind to everyone, especially your date. It doesn't matter if you're just friends or have been dating for a few years, don't forget each other out on the dance floor for friends.

DO: Take Tons of Pictures- It's a night to remember, so be sure to grab pictures of you and your date! Don't forget the camera once you get to the dance–there's a lot happening once you get there you'll want to remember, so grab it as you leave.

DON'T: Hover On Your Cell Phone: I know, I know. It's a lot to ask. But unless you're snapping a quick picture, put it away. Live in the moment and enjoy those around you.

DO: Have Fun- It's Prom! And while there are rules to remember to have fun and stay safe, remember to ultimately have a good time! It's a night you'll remember for the rest of your life!

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