Students use Adderall to Study

Sarah Schumacher has been dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder for years.

“With everything else at the Library going on, if I don't take it, I can't get anything done.”

 She's referring to Adderall.

“You kind of feel a rush, like you can do anything. It speeds you up a little bit.”

Around final exam time Schumacher depends on her Adderall to get her through studying, but says during this time of the year, some of the pharmacies near MSU's campus -are fresh out.

“I was never used to not being able to get it -the first place I went to.”

Schumacher says even when pharmacies don't have any Adderall, students at the MSU library always seem to have some, prescription or not.

“A lot of people who actually take it aren't prescribed. I think there might be more people that take it who aren't than are. And the people who are prescribed sometimes get it so that they can sell it and make money,” Schumacher said.

“It's a problem whenever anybody takes a prescription drug that's not prescribed to them–there's gonna be some type of side effect,” said Dr. Dennis Martell, director of Health Education at MSU's Olin Health Center.

“Any time you deprive yourself of sleep you fall into what we call distracted living.”

Martell also says unprescribed users are ignorning the drug's long term effects.

“if you continue to use it, you run the high risk of addiction.”

For students who think they are just getting a study boost -Schumacher says they don't know how strong Adderall is.

“If you aren't prescribed and aren't informed by your doctor what it's actually doing to you then -if you take too much- it's actually really dangerous,” Schumacher said.

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