State Senate Moves to Change Concealed Carry Law

Concealed weapons could soon be allowed in so-called “gun free” zones.

The Michigan Senate has voted to let people who get extra training carry concealed weapons in what are commonly called “gun-free” zones.

That means anyone with a CPL who gets enhanced training beyond basic requirements and spends additional time at the gun range could be allowed to concealed carry in places like churches and schools.

They're places of worship and education but thanks to a loophole they're also places where you can openly carry a firearm.

Sen. Mike Green, 31st District: “You can strap a 6 gun on your side and carry into schools.”

State Senator Mike Green wants to change that.

He's proposed a bill that would eliminate open carry in the so-called “gun free” zones and replace it with concealed carry for those with a CPL and some extra training.

So why would you need to carry in schools and churches?

Phillip Hofmeister, President of Michigan Open Carry: “Violence happens everywhere, I take defending myself and those that I love very seriously, it's a very personal thing. Police try to do the best they can but they're not gonna be there in time if my loved ones and I need their help.”

But Sarah Midzalkowski of All Saints Church in East Lansing doesn't see it that way.

Midzalkowski: “I'm not comfortable with it.”

She says concealed or not, weapons and worship don't mix.

Midzalkowski: “Any citizen who wants to come to worship should not be armed.”

Hofmeister: “We see gun free zones as killing zones, the bad people can carry guns but good people cant.”

Midzalkowski: “If you feel that you are that under threat or under siege all the time I think the problem lies with you and not with the rest of the world.”

Whether or not the law passes Midzalkowski says, because its private property, her church will continue to prohibit weapons

But for public spaces, the person next to you could soon be carrying a gun you'll never know about.

The measure also would eliminate county concealed weapons licensing boards, with sheriffs taking over their duties.

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