Decision on Red Cedar Could Be Undone

A major decision by the East Lansing school board could be reversed.

Last night the board voted to re-purpose the Red Cedar Elementary School.

That means it will soon be the new home to pre-schoolers and administrators rather than elementary school kids.

The Red Cedar was chosen for reconfiguration because it has the least number of neighborhood students attending.

Many parents are upset about the decision and with the new board members set to take over in January, it could be reversed.

It's a decision that has many parents saying the same thing.

Liesel Carlson, Parent: 'Very disappointed, we really could do better.”

Paulo Gordillo, Parent: “We're just disappointed that the decision they made.”

But that decision could be undone.

The motion to re-purpose the Red Cedar school passed Monday night in a 5-2 vote.

But 2 of the board members who voted yes will be gone in January and at least 1 of the replacements has said she wants to see Red Cedar stay as it is.

Kath Edsall, Board Member Elect: “Time to move forward together with new plans and new ideas.”

Kath Edsall, who will be seated on the board in January, says she'll try to reverse the decision.

That's something the current board president, Rima Addiego, is worried about.

Addiego: “I really hope it isn't, I think that we have obligations that are larger than that.”

Addiego says the board's responsibility is to more than one school.

Addiego: “We are elected to advocate for all students and we have to make the best decisions that we can in the interest of all of those students.”

In fact, she says many people have thanked her for the board's decision.

Addiego: “There are no parties anywhere tonight its just that people are relieved the decision has been made.”

But some parents still hope the issue will come back to the table.

Carlson: “Something is going on that isn't right here.”

So a battle that's already lasted years, could push on a little longer.

Last time the board voted to close the Red Cedar school, someone filed a civil rights complaint claiming discrimination because of the school's diverse population.

The East Lansing superintendent says that could happen again but he says the decision does not cross the line and was made in the best interest of all students.

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