Small Steps Toward Recovery

He was an administrator, a teacher and consultant who traveled over 150,000 miles a year.

A stroke in 2010 would bring Ben Perez's life to a stop, shutting down the use of his right leg and arm.

With the help of new technology, Ben Perez is making small steps forward to a full recovery

“I was in bad shape, one leg was semi useless as was my arm,” said Argelio “Ben” Perez.

Even though doctors told 69 year-old Ben Perez he had a massive stroke, he thought he'd be up and running in a year.

He was always active, but a new challenge meant a new reality.

“I expected I'd be 85 percent and they said no no, you would be lucky if after a couple years you'll be 50 percent,” Perez said.

After a week in intensive care and months of rehab, Perez's journey toward recovery would find himself at Burcham Hills rehabilitation.

Working with a new device on his hand and leg known as Bioness.

“It has electrical impulses that trigger your muscle, that helps open your hand close your hand it lifts your leg your ankle,” said Occupational Therapist Kim Hetherington.

“The stroke left me with a foot that just hangs, it's not capable of coming up,” Perez said.

The new technology not only hopes reduce toe drag or “foot drop”, but also helps Ben Perez have better balance when he walks.

“When we got out to a restaurant or a store or something, I don't take this wheel chair, I walk out of the car I walk into the restaurant and I walk to table.”

Small efforts like lifting his foot or arm that he says without the technology isn't possible, giving him a new look on life.

“It's given me greater expectations and hope that I will be able to overcome this is the next year or two,” Perez said.

Allowing him to reach his ultimate goal of walking down the path to a full recovery.

For more information of Bioness you can visit; or call 1-800-211-9136 Option 2.

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