School Millages Voted Down, Districts Lose Portion of Budget



Wednesday's elections marked a big day for many politicians, nationally and locally.


School millages were among several issues on the ballot for 2012. Voters renewed three school district millages and denied four.


Four school districts in Shiawassee County did not get their millages renewed, which means these schools will lose a considerable chunk of their budgets. One of the districts hardest hit by the millage vote down is Owosso Public Schools. Their millage expires next December and if it's not renewed, the schools will lose nearly $3 million every year.

“That would be a huge loss to our district and would mean considerable changes to our district,” said Andrea Tuttle, the Owosso Public Schools Superintendent. “District officials say without the millage funds coming in every year, they'll have to cut back… $2.8 million is a lot of money. Do I have answers for how we would recoup that? No, at this point, or what we would do with the loss of that.”

Tuttle says they will get the issue back on the ballot before it expires, hopefully with better results.

School Board President Tim Jenc says voters got confused when they hit the polls and didn't know the full extent of this proposal.

“Although we got the message out, I don't think people understood what they were voting on. The ballot was so cluttered and I think they just see another tax and they just go, no,” said Jenc.

This millage has been in place for more than 20 years.

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