Son Reunited with Family After 71 days

Imagine being a parent and having your two children suddenly taken away from you.

That's what happened to one mid-Michigan couple after their 4-year-old daughters death was ruled a homicide.

For more than 2 months they fought for the rights to their son and on Thursday, they finally welcomed him back home.

For 71 long days and nights, filled with uncertainty and sorrow, Brian and Billie Giroux could only dream of playing with their son.

Billie Giroux: “No contact at all.”

The state took 8-year-old Brody into protective custody after his younger sister Birklee was found dead in her bed.

Billie Giroux: “You're innocent until proven guilty and that's not been the case for us, its been the opposite.”

Brian Giroux: “It felt like we lost two children.”

For more than 2 months, they waited as their hearts broke more everyday.

Billie Giroux: “Life without our kids has been really hard, really hard, anything but normal. You cant walk by two empty bedrooms that used to hold your children and feel normal.”

Billie says there was an emptiness that couldn't be filled.

Billie Giroux: “Nobody to care for at night, not as much laundry, the house is too clean, its too quiet”

But On Thursday, the Giroux's brought Brody home.

They say a 2nd medical examiner changed the cause of Birklee's death from “homicide” to “undetermined.”

Billie Giroux: “I felt like I finally took a deep breath. I just walked down the ramp and scooped him up.”

But Billie says they've lost time.

Billie Giroux: “He sounds different, he looks different, he's more mature. We've lost some very valuable time with our child, during a very difficult time in our life where we're hurt.”

But with Brody finally home, that hurt is beginning to fade.

Billie Giroux: “I think we're all probably gonna rest a bit better tonight than we have in awhile.”

And with that rest will come the start of a long journey towards healing. A journey they'll now take together, as a family.

Our calls to the Jackson County Prosecutor were not returned on Thursday.

The family says they're still working with the coroner and doctors to try to determine what caused their daughters death.

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