Police Still Hunting for Serial Shooter

Drivers worry as the serial shooter case continues.

24 cars hit, one man injured and more than 2,200 tips but police are still looking for the serial shooter.

Wednesday afternoon police confirm at least 9 of the bullets found came from the same gun but they're still looking for your help in finding the shooter.@

Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff: “Everybody is throwing everything they can into it and its one big unified effort.”

But so far there are no arrests and that has commuters on edge.

However, the Wixom Police Chief says fear shouldn't change your habits.

Chief Clarence Goodlein, Wixom Police Department: “We don't want anybody to change their normal routine.”

MPS says I-96 is safe to travel, you just have be vigilant in what you're doing.

Brandon Chappell, Driver: “I'm not gonna let him change my route, change the way I do things. I just keep traveling the same way to work and hope I'm not next.”

Larry Wise, Driver: “I don't take any other precautions than normal, I don't go out of my way, I don't do anything different, I don't avoid the expressway or anything like that.”

And with 100 full time investigators working the case, The Oakland County Sheriff says he's dedicated to finding the shooter.

Sheriff Bouchard: “It's eating up a lot of overtime, we know it's tough on budgets but you know this is something everyone is committed to do. Resources are no question, we're going to put collectively what we need to do into this to bring this to a solution.”

Something drivers are waiting to see.

Wise: “This guy should be caught, he should be caught.”

But until then, police say stay vigilant and call if you see anything suspicious.

Police still want you to be on the lookout for these two vehicles: a 1998 black Olds Alero or a late 90's black Toyota Camry.

As always be sure to stay with Six News for the latest on this developing story.

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