Do Political Ads Work?

With just days left until the election, political ads are everywhere.

But do they really work?

By now, you've seen them and by now you probably want to throw your TV out the window.

Bernie Porn, President: Epic MRA: “There's just an awful lot of ads right now.”

And they seem to be stuck on repeat.

Bernie Porn is the president of Epic MRA, a polling firm that knows just how important political ads are.

Porn: “They can be effective and a lot of the ads that are up are not effective at all.”

So what makes an effective ad?

Porn says it's all about creativity and frequency.

Porn: “After the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th or 20th time – that's when the ad may start to resonate with people.”

But just before it resonates, it may want to make you scream.

But Porn says the repetition probably wont make you vote against someone.

Porn: “They may tune them out but I don't think they'll decide to vote against someone.”

But when it comes to buying ads, Porn says campaign money is best spent on attacking opponents, even though people say they don't like that.

Porn: “People in polling will state the reason that they're voting against someone based on the content of the ads even though they will disavow the impact of those ads.”

And positive or negative, it needs to cut through the clutter.

Porn: “As you near the election, just the sheer volume of advertising– it becomes less effective because there are so many ads on the screen.”

And with so many screens these days, the messages are everywhere.@

So, don't do throw your TV out the window.

It'll all be over in 10 days.

Porn says while attack ads are generally effective, they only work when the person doing the attacking is well known.

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