Family Meets Woman Who Saved Man’s Life

A local woman springs into action and saves a man's life after he suffers a major heart attack.

On Thursday night the man's family got a chance to meet the woman and thank her for her heroic act.

Two weeks ago Joseph Sagy wasn't home for dinner.

Diana Sagy, Wife: “I answered the phone and said Joseph Sagy you better have a good excuse why you're not home yet– your meatloaf's getting cold.”

But it wasn't Joe calling.

Diana Sagy: “He says I believe we've taken your husband to Sparrow Hospital. He's had a heart attack.”

Christin Lonier, ER Nurse: “I have no doubt this is a miracle right here.”

Christin Lonier, an ER nurse, was working out at Planet Fitness when she knew something was wrong.

Lonier: “I looked over and I saw Joe slumped over in the bike.”

She raced to him but says Joe had no vital signs.

Lonier: “It was pretty emotional, ya know, I had this lifeless man in front of me and here I am, what am I going to do.”

But Christin's instincts kicked in.

She performed CPR and used a defibrillator to shock Joe's heart; an act that would give him back to his family.

Lonier: “You just act on it, it just comes- everything that you've learned – it just comes.”

Now two weeks after saving Joe's life, his family got to thank her.

Diana Sagy: “She saved us, she saved our family in more ways that you can even imagine. I mean, Joe is the center of our world.”

Joe Sagy, Survived Heart Attack: “I just can't believe that I'm still here.”

And Joe says thank you simply isn't enough.

Joe Sagy: “How do you thank a person for saving your life, you just hug the hell of 'em and cry with 'em.”

Tears of joy and gratitude.

Lonier: “Not only do I give God the credit, I give Joe the credit, he's a fighter.”

Fighting for his life. Fighting for his family. Fighting to be home for dinner.

Both Lonier and the Sagy's say they believe Thursday's meeting is the start of a long friendship.

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