Police and Fire Fed Up With 911 Issues

911 hang-ups and officers sent to the wrong address, just a few of the glitches reported at a new emergency call center.

Since June, emergency 911 calls for all of Ingham County have been dispatched out of the new 911 call center.

You may remember the project got off to a rocky start.

The center didn't open on time when dispatchers went to court and said they didn't feel they were adequately trained.

Now police and fire officials say problems with technology are getting in the way of doing their jobs.

According to the fire fighters union, the new system is confusing and has led to delayed response times.

The union says when dispatch looks up a street address, the system pulls up all of the matching addresses in that entire county.

That means emergency crews could be sent to a matching address, in the wrong town.

They also say the old system would flag an address that didn't exist but the new system wont.

That means crews could be left to figure it out on their own.

Council Member Carol Wood also says she's also heard of callers saying 911 hung up on them but she says 911 argues they couldn't hear the caller.

Wood says problems like these are not acceptable because they put lives at risk.

Carol Wood, Lansing Public Safety Committee: “When you look at a fire or a life and death incident where there is a need for medical assistance immediately, its important that we get there in the best time that we can – let alone that we're now having problems with how that's happening. We wanna make sure that we've got a system that works.”

Now Wednesday afternoon both the police and fire unions are planning to take their complaints to the Lansing Public Safety Committee meeting.

We will of course be there and have the very latest for you as this story continues to develop.

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