Students Weigh In on Final Debate

On Monday night the MSU debate team held a bi-partisan watch party for the final presidential debate.

Both college and high school students watched the event together.

Carly Wunderlich, Student: “I think honestly there's been a lot of weird pivots, there's been a lot of moments where people are like – what are they talking about now?”

Aniela Butler, Student: “Ya know, Obama really controlled the time in the first question on Libya, unfortunately both candidates didn't seem to talk about Libya all that much.”

Ronnie Russell, Student: “I'm really pleased with how Obama has reacted so far. I'm really glad that he came out more on the offensive side and I think that's something that he really needed to do.”

Butler: “One of the most interesting points was when Romney said, attacking me is not an agenda. I think one of the biggest questions that people came into this debate with was how aggressive will Obama be, how aggressive will Romney be and I think that's a really poised way to deal with Obama's aggression.”

Caleb Goodman, Student: “I think that they've been doing a fairly significant job of avoiding the substance of the questions.”

Wunderlich: “I think for the most part that if you are an undecided voter and you are tuned in and you are interested in this– then you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. It's just a question of whether or not you've taken those opportunities to do so.”

With just a little more than 2 weeks left, its now time for voters to decide.

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