Should We Worry About a Bacon Shortage?

It all started a few days ago when the National Pig Association issued a press release stating a “world shortage of pork and bacon is now unavoidable.”

That caused social media to light up with comments like “the end of the world is near” and “must have bacon!” but is this projected shortage really cause for panic?

Sam Hines, Executive Vice President, Michigan Pork Producers Association: “It is a little dramatic.”

Hines says there no need to fear bare shelves

Hines: “Will bacon be available? Yes.”

Rather he says its a matter of what you're willing to pay.

Hines: “There is no question that it will be a great deal more expensive.”

To understand why, lets rewind a bit.

Hines says the summer drought hurt the corn yield, which hurt pig farmers pockets.

Hines: “As of today they're losing about 40 dollars on every hog that they sell.”

Which is why he says many farmers are cutting costs by thinning their herds.

Hines: “That's put even more pork on the market in the near term.”

But by next summer, he says that will all change.

Hines: “We will probably have a smaller pork supply than we have had anything since 1975 next year.”

But Hines says its likely demand will still be up

Hines: “Its good, its tasty and people like it.”

And considering bacon's popularity.

Hines: “Last week my colleague brought in bacon flavored vodka now.”

It may be tough to avoid the price hike.

The Michigan Pork Producers Association says by summer of next year bacon prices could be up by as much as 8 percent

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