Neighbors Say Intersection is Dangerous

Police continue to investigate an accident that sent two people to the hospital on Thursday.

It happened at the intersection of Holt and Dietz Roads, between Williamston and Webberville. 

It's not the first time we've seen a major crash at that intersection.

We talked with neighbors who say that stop has been a problem for years and they want to see something done to make it safer.

A semi flipped over, a pickup truck now a mass of mangled metal, a scene all to familiar to those who like Caroline Hart who live near the intersection.

Caroline Hart: “People speed thru there at 100 miles per hour. We don't really use our front yard for a play area just because this road is so fast.”

And nearly every neighbor we talked to agrees.

Neil Ketchum: “At least once a year we have a bad accident.”

Last year, a 32-year-old woman from Webberville was killed here.

Ketchum: “It's ridiculous, it really is.”

Ketchum and his wife have called the corner near that intersection home for 40 years, they say its only gotten worse.

Ketchum: “I think its partially the locals don't pay attention and they just blow right through that stop sign.”

Even though signs warn drivers a stop sign is coming and that cross traffic doesn't stop, neighbors say its not enough.

Hart: “A 4-way stop would make it a lot safer.”

Ketchum: “Either go 4 way or put up a caution light, something's gotta be done.”

But until something is done, the concern remains.

Hart: “It scares us to death every time we see an ambulance go by because we know its probably that corner.”

But they hope this time something will change, before some else is killed.

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