Democrats Gather to Watch DNC

As the first lady took to the stage on Tuesday night, small groups gathered to watch.

But what does the president need to do to win Michigan?

We stopped by one of those parties to see what voters want to hear from the president.

At Jean Golden's house in East Lansing, friends come together to watch the convention.

While Tuesday, they watched the first lady speak, they're excited to hear from President Obama later this week.

David Hopkinson, East Lansing: “I wanna hear what the platform is, what the plans are for the second term.”

Rawley VanFossen, MSU Student: “He needs to continue to remind people that his pathway is the plan that will move this country forward.”

Political expert Bernie Porn says that exactly what the president needs to do.


Bernie Porn, President at Epic MRA: “He will need to be very specific in terms of his policy.”

But he says the Dems have an edge the Republicans didn't.

Porn: “I think maybe the biggest advantage the democrats have is that they're second.”

Meaning they can tailor the message against attacks, like the Republican argument that we're not better off than we were 4 years ago.


Porn: “He's going to need to talk about how we're better off but here's where we're going to go from here, from now on.”

And Porn says, expect to hear the president tout his record.

Jean Golden, East Lansing: “He saved the auto industry.”

Porn: “That in and of itself is a big motivator for Michigan voters.”

While the poll numbers are close, Porn says, Michigan isn't really a key battleground state.

Porn: “It is assumed that Obama will win Michigan.”

But those here say, its up to them to make that happen.

Hopkinson: “We have to get out the vote.”

Golden: “Voter turnout is going to be absolutely critical.”

And they say so far, they're confident they'll win.

President Obama is set to accept the party nomination on Thursday night.

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