Neighbors Step Up To Help Struggling Couple

As a woman tends to her dying husband, neighbors step up to help.

John Syron was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in November.

Since then, his wife Tamara has been spending all of her time with him at a hospice center in Lansing.

As you might imagine, yardwork is the last thing on her mind.

Wednesday afternoon her neighbors stepped in to help after they say– the city cited her for an overgrown lawn.

As neighbors rake the yard– you can hear the sound of giving.

MaryBeth VanHorn, Neighbor: “We're just coming together and getting it done for her.”

Tom Olson, Volunteer: “One less thing to be on her mind.”

She is Tamara Hicks-Syron.

Jim Claytor: “She's real nice, she's a good neighbor.”

And what's she's getting — is time.

VanHorn: “We're like go– spend time with John.”

John is Tamara's husband. For more than a year– he's been fighting a terminal brain tumor.

Neighbors say John loves flowers but his once-lush lawn now shows the signs of a couple with no time to tend to it.

Olson: “You need to be able to give all your time and your thought to the person who's ill, not to some overgrown weeds.”

Claytor: “This backyard kinda got out of hand.”

But when neighbors found out that the city cited Tamara for her overgrown lawn, they didn't hesitate.

Claytor: “When anybody needs any help, we all jump in ya know.”

Olson: “I'd really want somebody to help me or to help my parents in this situation. An hour out of your day is nothing, I mean, you spend more than an hour checking your Facebook.”

But those here giving are receiving as well; knowing they've handed back some of the time the tumor is taking away.

VanHorn: “They wanna spend as much time as they can together and that's what they're doing, its exciting to see how they're closer than ever.”

Making memories Tamara will hold close when John is gone.

Tamara didn't want to speak with us on camera Wednesday night but says she was moved to tears by her neighbors generosity and hopes to be able to give back in her own way.

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