MI Democrats and Republicans Discuss Congressman Akin

Should Missouri Congressman Todd Akin drop out of the senate race?

After making remarks about women being able to prevent pregnancy in the case of “legitimate rape,” Republican Congressman Todd Akin is facing pressure to drop out of the senate race.

On Tuesday he missed the deadline to do that without a court order.

It was the opinion heard around the nation.

Todd Akin: “From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare. if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party says when he heard it, he was shocked.

Brewer: “Just how outrageous it was, insulting, offensive, just wrong.”

He says statements like that should cause alarm for all voters.

Brewer: “That should be a personal private position between you, your god and your doctor. the government should not be intruding in that and that should offend everybody.”

Akin has since issued an apology in a campaign commercial but that hasn't stopped republicans, including former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, from distancing themselves from Akin.

Hoekstra: “I don't agree with anything that he said. I think it's very very unfortunate and disappointing.”

But even though high level republicans, including Mitt Romney, are calling for Akin to abandon his senate bid, Hoekstra's not sure.

Hoekstra: “I've not asked Todd, or indicated one way or — I just said he's gotta go back and really consider what he's going to do. It may be time for him to step aside but I've not said one way or another.”

Hoekstra says congressman Akin has a lot to consider.

Hoekstra: “He's gotta think about himself, his family, the party and the country and the state.”

Whether Akin decides to leave the race or not, Brewer says this isn't the end of the debate.

Brewer: “Its something we've learned unfortunately we've gotta fight for again, and again and again because these battles never seem to be over.”

In fact he says the battle will only heat up as the election draws closer.

Akin can still withdraw from the race but at this point a court order would be needed to remove his name from the ballot.

He says he has no plans to drop out.

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