TMSG: Moist Towelette Museum

A place where the universe takes center stage–in the dark halls of Michigan State University's Abrams Planetarium, you can explore the mysterious planets.  But there's a secret collection, or not so secret if you happen upon this outdated website, Planetarium Guide John French created more than 20-years-ago to show his personal museum of moist towelettes.

“People are usually very surprised to see that there's a moist towelette museum. I did have one visitor that came from Chicago, a guy and his son. I think the farthest that somebody drove just to see the moist towelette museum,” said French.

It's not too organized, just two small bookcases, a couple of plastic bins and a big express mail bag. The bag, sent by someone all the way in Turkey who saw John's website, and was willing to part with this pretty impressive batch of moist towelettes.

“They put moist towelette online museum on the address, but it was just in my house. And I guess the delivery guy was driving up and down the street looking for a museum. And then he finally realized it was just a house and he was a little annoyed that he was delivering to a house. And had wasted a lot of time looking for some kind of a big moist towelette museum,” said French.

As far as moist towelettes go, it is a pretty big museum that spans the globe. Towelettes that clean up from a mammogram to radioactive exposure to one that even claims to wash away your sins.

French's website and friends have helped boost the collection over the years with samples from every continent, except Antarctica.

“Here's a kentucky fried chicken from china,” French displays.

Then there's the finger pinkies, a vintage hand cleaner for secretaries.

“What I like, it says it's an ideal companion around the house. (Reporter) Oh my, now where did you get something like that? (John) Well, again, this was donated by a fan of moist towelettes that wanted it to be preserved in a museum.”

Moist towelettes from around the world, a hidden gem in our own community.

To see the collection, just head over to Abram's Planetarium at MSU during normal business hours.

And if you'd like to donate, visit the Moist Towelette website.

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