Owner, Dog Survive Massive House Fire

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It used to be a $1 million dollar home.

But the massive, home along the 500 block of Willoughby is now mostly rubble.

Only a few brick structures stand where the three story, 10,000 square foot home used to.

The home was destroyed on Thursday night when firefighters say a car fire turned into a garage fire, which turned into a house fire.

Firefighters from several different departments tried to douse the flames – but found the intense heat and size the fire just too big for their resources. First, they pulled out of the house. Finally, they made the difficult decision to let it burn.

They weren't helped by the fact that the rural home, which has a Mason address but sits between Williamston and Holt, wasn't anywhere near a hydrant. Fire departments had to truck water to the site.

It was, for the lack of a better word, a spectacular fire that could be seen from miles away.

The good news is that the owner escaped from the fire. So did his dog.

He was the only one home when the fire started.

He bought the house just before Christmas in 1999.

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