Marathon Organizers Look Ahead to Next Year

After the finish line is crossed and the runners disappear, the excitement of the marathon still lingers.

Owen Anderson, Race Organizer: “I think its really really good for the community.”

Anderson says there was no profit from the marathon this year, in fact they lost about 15 thousand dollars but he's says he's prepared to make next year even better.

Anderson: “April 21st 2013– the dates already set.”

And the goal for 2013 is to reach 4 thousand runners.

Anderson: “I think that's realistic because we kinda got off to a slow start this year and for the coming year we'll get right off the blocks quite early.”

Elijah Yator took 2nd place in Sunday's marathon.
He says while the weather was a challenge, the course and the people were great.

Yator: “All over where we crossed yesterday, people cheer us, lovely people and we wish to come back for the race.”

And he hopes in time– lansing will be a marathon destination.

Yator: “If you talk about chicago, they know chicago for chicago marathon, boston they know boston marathon so i hope and i pray that maybe in future lansing will be well known because this is a good course.”

Anderson: “I think it really says lansing is on the move, its energetic, it kinda adds to our credentials and adds to our indentity as a progressive city.”

A progressive city, that's now 26.2 miles ahead of the competition.

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